We make it easy for transit riders and supporters to get involved. Join the iTransit movement and together, we can help keep California moving.

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iTransit is a growing advocacy network of organizations and people standing up for better transit in California. iTransit is organized by the California Transit Association, comprised of 200 member organizations working to support the needs of California’s public transit systems. Help us keep California moving…forward!

Our Mission

Educate decision makers and support policies and funding to improve public transit in California.

We work to connect everyday Californians with their legislators and other transit supporters to educate Californians on the benefits of public transportation. Using a simple, cutting-edge communications tool, we make it easy for our partners to email, tweet and Facebook their legislative representatives.

Our Priorities

  • Identify alternative and increased transit funding sources and new ways to incentivize transit use
  • Call attention to the role transit plays in meeting California’s environmental goals and enhancing local communities
  • Monitor legislation, regulations and budget & policy developments that impact public transit
  • Establish and improve relationships with key state legislators, staff and other government officials on behalf of public transit riders
  • Educate state legislators, staff and other government officials about public transit, with an emphasis on how funding works and transit’s funding needs
  • Position public transit as a bi-partisan policy priority that deserves increased state support
  • Increase opportunities for transit to influence local planning efforts through the state legislative and regulatory process
  • Provide our supporters and partners with the tools they need to help us carry our message to their state representatives


Learn how transit impacts hundreds of millions of people.


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  • “Public transit is a vital component of California’s economy, bringing millions of people to work, school, healthcare, and other valuable community services, while also relieving congestion on our state’s roadways, fostering smarter development, and addressing climate change.”

    - Joshua W. Shaw, Executive Director, California Transit Association
  • “When public transportation is efficient, affordable and enjoyable more Californians use it and that improves quality-of-life for everyone.”

    California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly
We make it easy for transit riders and advocates to get involved. Join iTransit as an advocate and together, we can help keep California moving.

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